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5 Quick Ways to Shake Up Your Brand

Friday, August 26, 2011

Your brand feeling a little tired? Needs a little pick-me-up? Maybe more like a triple shot of espresso?  These 5 ways are sure to bring a little zing back to your brand:

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1. Strip: You heard me. Strip away all the extras that might be distracting your buyers. Whether it's all the flashing buttons on your blog or the gazillion different products. 

2. Let Go: Say goodbye to those products or services that just don't feel right. And then focus on what you're really, really extra good at. 

3. Invest: Deep down, you probably know what area needs work. Maybe it's investing time to connect to your customers or maybe it's cash for a new logo. 

4. Put yourself out there:  Design a new product line, offer to write a guest post, or collaborate with another maker....these all pump new energy into your brand. 

5 Do Nothing: Sometimes we get all caught up in the chatter and the tips ( like this post!) and would benefit from taking some time away. Maybe just thinking. Maybe just see what happens. Maybe reflect on what just feels right

So, what are you going to do to shake up your brand?

{image courtesy blockpartypress}

1 comment :

Kiera said...

Great ideas. I've been in the process of cleaning up my blog...making it "crisper" and I really like idea #2. I have some things that just aren't working and need to let go of . Thanks for sharing this!