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Permission Slips

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Totally inspired by Jessika's post from Oh My Handmade acknowledging the idea that sometimes we need to stop and "give ourselves permission" to cry, enjoy, let go, feel, skip work, play....

Her post really got me thinking and I realized I carry a heckuva lot of guilt and pressure around with me. It makes me feel yukky and blue and weighed down. I'm constantly striving and planning- trying to create the best life for my boys. But, often I get so wrapped up in my worry and anxiety I forget to just live. 

So, thanks to the lovely Jessika, I am giving myself permission to...


Jessika said...

You go girl!
Amazingly this was the first thing I saw when I signed onto Facebook tonight-thank you: ) I am so glad that talking about my own yucky guilt feeling opened the doors for you to share this. Cheers to letting ourselves just BE-however that looks to us.
Big hugs to you mamasita!

Live a Colorful Life said...

This is EXACTLY what I have been contemplating all day! I saw a pic (posting tomorrow about it) that said "I can do anything but not everything." It is so easy to compare and then find ourselves lacking. It's good to give yourself permission to NOT give into the pressure that we put on ourselves.

Nurseli said...

Thanks for sharing. Nobody is perfect and trying to be perfect will only stress you out. And most of the time, we do put most of the pressure on ourselves. Hang in there! And yes, just be.