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Super Tuesday

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

  Oh, Happy Day! 
Thrilled for my interview over at Noisette Marketing today (last stop on my little book tour) - please stop by & say hello! I've so enjoyed being part of the community there & Isa has written up a fantastic review of my book...and shared a bit of our chat. 

Annnd.....I've just put the finishing touches on Jack's Halloween costume. My Hero! Take a peek at our pre-Halloween fitting :)

I just love this kid. 

Rocking it out and channeling Elvis?

all the details of a true superhero.....

What costumes are you crafting this year? 


Live a Colorful Life said...

Thankfully I am not in charge of any costume making. Jack is totally adorable. Little boys and super heroes! Levi (3 1/2) is going as Darth Vader. TOTALLY obsessed with all things Star Wars right now.

Dotty said...

Wow- fabulous costume and he looks every inch the superhero!

Meagan said...

Too cute & very creative Allisa! My guys are going as a cowboy & Indian this year! I'll be posting pics soon...just finishing up some last minute details!

Kristin said...

great costume! my little guy wants to be a ghost - thank goodness, an easy one to make! happy halloween

Donna said...

He AND the costume are adorable!