Make It Do Monday

Monday, October 24, 2011

I've always thought myself a resourceful gal. It's part of how we were raised & the whole making it on my own bit. But in the last year, especially the last couple months, I've really embraced the notion of a more simple approach to life...and things.  In fact, I've realized that things are really weighing me down! We're a pretty humble family to start with; I can't recall the last time I actually went clothes shopping (which explains my mix & match fashion style, lol!) and our vegan/vegetarian diet is rather cost effective already. 

Recently, however, I've sort of begun to unconsciously analyze things & purchases; determining if we really need them. And if we do, if I can make it myself.  Coincidentally, my husband has sort of taken the same approach (just dropped our cable services, someone please fill me in on Project Runway!). 

Now, I'm excited to move forward and make this a more conscious approach to living...and share what I find here! I've got lots of ideas brewing and can't wait to post it all - plus I'd love to hear any tips, experiences, suggestions others might have! 

  • started making my own laundry detergent, saves a bundle & looks much prettier!
  • consigning or giving away clothes that for some reason I've held on to. (um, I still had my prom gown?!) 
  • finally cleaning out the studio....all the extra only weigh my creativity down. I'm parting way with lots of fabric so it can be enjoyed somewhere else! (take a peek at my destash shop if you happen to need fabric!)
  • we switched to every other week trash service - less expensive & makes us really think about our trash!
  • make my own sunflower seed butter spread for Jack's preschool lunches (cost friendly & meets nut-free requirements). 
  • Enjoying all the amazing free activities in our community like story times at the farm, Lego builder events, art festivals
  • In the process of finding the right recipe for my own shampoo. I've got a start....
  • asking for family members to hop on board by gifting us with experiences or chipping in for major gifts (like my new birthday camera on it's way :) 
  • Rethinking some things I've considered 'staples' - like starch for ironing or paper towels....
  • Repurposing things we've got. This is tricky for me, but I'm trying!

Well now, I'm off to finish up the last bits of Jack's superhero costume but am so excited to hear any tips or experiences. I'll be posting some of my ideas soon :)

{ps. many thanks for all the sweet & thoughtful comments on my post about the boys- I'm seriously blessed for this amazing community!}

{image via the lovely sarah jane studios}


Meagan said...

Hey Allisa! I wanted to let you know that I have a recipe for the exact same laundry detergent on my shop blog...except it's in liquid form.

For me it lasts longer than powdered...any you can use any kind of soap you want. Most people use Felz-Naptha because it's a laundry soap, but any soap will work. I'm with you on living life simply! It creates less stress & really instills some great values & character into our children! Good luck!

Joy said...

Allisa! I totally hear you on the analyzing purchases, etc. We have pared down our "stuff" to only necessities and it feels great! Plus, the boys have a lot of room to run around since we don't have furniture(hahaha!)...

As for project runway, I've been catching up via HULU since we don't have cable also - huge savings, by the way :)

Also, does your local library have free programs? Most libraries offer some great activities for kiddos...

Good luck!