Vintage Sewing Box

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looky look at what I found under the Christmas tree...a vintage Strommen Bruk Hamar sewing cabinet! It's just beautiful.  My husband surprised me with this and it's one of the best presents ever- so thoughtful and ready to be loved again by me!

Made in Norway in the 1950's and 60's the little details are just amazing....

 I love imagining the previous lives of vintage furniture...I'm thinking of a very sweet, yet savvy New York seamstress took care of this cabinet. She designed and fitted her own dresses. Enjoyed cozy afternoons at her sewing machine and bright sunny days out & about. 
{who knows! but maybe! wink, wink}

handles, so perfect.


 open! And ready to be filled!

I am looking forward to spending an afternoon reorganizing my studio and storing my sewing supplies away in this treasure. 

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Would love to hear what treasures you found under the tree...or...what  presents you proudly gave :) 


Marci Girl said...

I have one EXACTLY like yours, I inherited it from my husband's grandmother and it was chocked full of vintage goodies! Mine has the same label, coloring and all! Such a nice addition to any sewing room, and such a lovely thoughtful gift from your husband!

Brandon Cline-Jones said...

Beautiful! Good job, Mark!!! (love, R)

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous! What a treasure to find under your tree! I remember my grandmother using one almost exactly like this. She was a seamstress - tho Southern instead of NYC - and I so clearly remember talking to her as a kid while she held pins in her mouth, murmuring back at my childish chatter. And the sound of her hand in the pin box every so often as she worked. And lying on the floor watching her pin a hem. That sewing box saw so much use I can't imagine it's even around anymore. May your box see just as much love and some sweet memories too!

Dotty said...

That is beautiful! I had one a similar shape when I was a little girl, but not so well made or so lovely!