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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In this in-between time of the holiday rush and developing new products (ipad cases & wedding collection coming soon!), I've been enjoying quiet(ish) early mornings writing lots of new businessy posts. Some to keep here and some to share on others blogs and sites...

But with the year drawing to a close, I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite business posts I've written this year.  Even when I re-read them, I learn something new! 

Thinking Like a Buyer: Improve your brand and shop by drawing from the buyer's perspective. 

Busyness vs. Business: Wading through the hustle & bustle of everyday tasks to grow and strengthen your brand

For What It's Worth: Determining worth for small, creative businesses

Holding on & Letting Go - Returning to business after baby. Really shared my soul with this guest post over at Oh My Handmade. This post seems to apply to working through any transition...

The Power of Letting Go - Some dreams are meant to be shelved...or even let go. Realizing what to keep and what to say goodbye to on your creative journey

How about for you? Is there a post somewhere in the blog-o-verse that really resonated with you this year? One so memorable you recall it even now? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

{image credit: The Paper Machines}

1 comment :

tracy said...

As a long time fan of your designs, I'm so glad you've branched out into writing crafter-turned-entrepreneur posts.... I just purchased your e-book, too :)

At the risk of leaving a TMI comment (which I'll likely do anyway!), I'll just say that after two+ years of being in marital dysfuncion hell (as well as adapting to my new role as "MOM"), my crafting, my etsy shop, and the many plans I had for it fell by the wayside.... along with any inspiration I had.

But now that I'm slowly starting to resolve my personal business (and adapting to single parenthood), I'm feeling some of that inspiration & drive return. Thank goodness, because I've got stuff bottled up that is aching to get out!

See....TMI :)

And the next time I make it to Portland, I'm totally going to stalk you until you agree to have coffee...don't think I won't ;)

Congratulations on your many successes (and motherhood!) over the past couple of years....hugs :)