Monday, January 16, 2012

I love Mondays. It's a time to start over. This past week has been wild roller coaster. I cried a few times ...from joy to heartache to admiration to full-on motherly desperation; our baby started crawling (joy!), on Wednesday the boys officially ran circles around me (despair!),  reading the tender love stories you all entered (admiration!), and my four year-old inquiring again about life & death - quietly telling me he doesn't ever want to die (heartache!)...

But, this is what life is all about right? Ups & downs, happiness & sadness, good & bad....

All right, enough of the serious..I'm ready to embrace this week and all it has in store! 

I found this lovely envelope + fastener tutorial over at Martha Stewart - I think it would be a really pretty way to make a love note or kid's valentine extra special. 

{{Oh, and speaking of valentines, have you seen my Mega Giveaway with five gorgeous valentine's inspired prizes from me & other lovely shops? Share your love story to enter. }}

Anyone else feel like starting over today? 
Wishing you all a very happy and meaningful week!