You Are So Loved - Mega Valentines Giveaway Pack

Thursday, January 12, 2012

{UPDATE 1/19} Giveaway Closed! I really appreciate everyone who participated & candidly shared their love stories. I am so thankful for such a beautiful community. Winner will be announced soon. xoxo

You are so loved! 
My heart is so full of thanks and appreciation for my lovely readers & loyal customers, I'd like to share the love with an amazing giveaway pack with prizes from some of my favorite shops and friends.

Give to your dearest or keep for yourself...tokens of love just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Mega Prize Pack Includes:
Hands & Heart 8 x10 Print {$24} from Le Papier Studio  
Be Mine Embroidery Hoop {$25} from Merriweather Council
Ceramic Lovebirds {$25} from Suite One Studio
Bowl & Plate Set {$42} from Perideau Designs
Embroidered Heart Zipper Bag {$31} from allisa jacobs

How to enter? Simple. 

To submit your entry to win all these lovely items, I made it really simple: 

Declare your love story. Whether it's the bond between best friends, the moment you met your first child, finding a soul mate, repairing a relationship, or learning to cherish yourself - tell us about a time your heart was full of love. 


Share the love.  Tell others they are loved by spreading the news.  Post this message on twitter  (just copy + paste):   

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Open internationally. We love our friends world wide. 
Winner is chosen by response & participation.  (I'll be grabbing a cup of coffee & reading each response. Also taking note of who shares the love.) 

Deadline: Thursday, January 19th at 6pm (PST) 
Each item will be shipped separately from the individual shops. Oh and do make sure there is a way for me to contact you!

Good Luck & let the love story-telling begin! 


drmithome said...

I am doing pretty good now, but three years ago I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. At the end of each doctor visit my oncologist would always say "You are beautiful, we love you and I am praying for you". then he would hug me. He retired in December and will be missed by many patients who love him dearly. I am at the top of the list.

UnusuallyYours said...

My heart was so full the day I met my little boy almost 22 years ago. I loved him from the moment I found out I was pregnant :) It's funny how you can have so many love/hate emotions with someone who is part of you. I have been through so many up and downs with my son over the past few years and right now is a down time :( but my heart is still full with the love I had for him the first time I felt him move! I pray for him everyday that he would get his life cleaned up and return the love I give him so freely. Please pray for him ~ He really needs it right now and I know he knows I love him!!

sal said...

I am about to meet my little girl who was due on New Year's Eve. I am filled with so many emotions at the moment from fear to love. I will be back to fill you in on my experience of meeting her for the first time! -Sal

Valerie said...

I met my best friend/forever love last September and we have been inseparable ever since. He is there for me when I need him as I am for him and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I very much look forward to every day that I get to spend with him, until the very end.

Sylvia-Louise said...

This past Christmas was a quiet one for our family. Dad was diagnosed with stage IV bladder cancer last April. After nursing him through the recovery process from surgery, he immediately started his chemotherapy infusions. My mom has been by his side nearly 24 hours a day. To witness the tender love they share after 36 years of marriage has inspired me. We have spent more time together as a family remembering and creating memories. Not only is my heart full of love for each member of my family, but also for the love of extended family and friends who have sustained us through their love. Life has been pared down to the simple and essential. I no longer take things for granted. I know this is a long comment, but I have given and been the recipient of so much love this past few months I just had to share.


Matthew and Emily said...

I met my husband in college and we had our first kiss on the balcony of my apartment. It was sweet, simple, and natural. Since then we have moved multiple times across the country and he just finished up his first seven month deployment. My heart has never been so full of love as the moment when he walked off the aircraft carrier and our family was reunited. It was just the kiss we had but knowing that my beautiful 16 month old girl had her daddy back home safely. It is very cliche but that time apart makes the heart grow fonder. I have fallen in love with him all over again.

Kimberly W said...

Oh I just loved reading everyone's love story. I feel very blessed too. I have a beautiful 5 year old boy who I am head over heels in love with. He has the cutest and sweetest personality and a wonderful smile and laugh. My husband and I often wonder who we created such an amazing child.

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Whitney said...

I knew I was in love when I woke up one weekend morning and I could hear James putzing around the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and found him eating a Luna bar (I love a man who isn’t put off by the female silhouette on the package). I asked him what he was up to. He told me that he had assembled the automatic sprinkler in the front yard and had sanded the side door. It was hardly 9 am. And this wasn’t even our house, or his house.

This was my grandma’s beach house that was passed down to my mother after my grandma passed away. Since the rest of my family lived in California and I was the only one in New York, I was sort of the caretaker by default. Having a beach house is truly a treat, but before I started dating James, I went to the house maybe one weekend out of the summer. It was hard to organize a trip with my friends and I imagined that I’d be too lonely staying there by myself. This summer, James and I had been going to Long Beach literally every weekend. And with each weekend came a new project – paint the kitchen closet, put it a new screen door, sand and paint the rocking chairs, plant a garden. I was loving it. And with each trip to the hardware store, I felt as if we were fixing our home.

I was impressed with how handy James was, that he knew how to fix the leaking, soggy kitchen ceiling with dry wall. I loved how he looked with goggles on and sweat beading on his forehead. We had only been dating a couple of months and I was astounded by his commitment to fixing my grandma’s house. He was willing to spend every weekend of his summer there. And it was giving us the opportunity for our relationship to blossom. I wouldn’t have spent every weekend with him out of fear of “moving too fast” but since we had a reason to be with him, I felt comfortable with how much time we were spending together.

And with each photo that I sent my mom of the progress we were making, she fell more and more in love with James. It made her so happy to know that the house was being used and enjoyed. And she loved the time we were putting into fixing it up. She would tell me, “Grandma is smiling down on both of you,” and I really felt it. She would meet James a few months later, and truly fall in love with him.

James’ ambition and need to complete projects reminded me so much of my dad. My father’s weekends are just as busy and structured as his work days. He picks up the dry cleaning, goes to Costco, walks the dogs, waters the plants, and reads his medical journals outside with the dogs all afternoon. I’ve always admired my father’s productivity, and ever since I was a girl, I’ve made lists of things to do and found great pleasure in checking things of my lists. My father is never without a leather-bound notecard holder in his shirt pocket to hold his lists. It’s no surprise, I suppose, that I’ve fallen madly in love with someone that can care for me the way I’ve seen my parents care for each other.

Whitney said...

ps. I shared the link on facebook as well. And I can be contacted at

Mayra Rivera said...

Right now, this moment. When someone asks you and you immediately think back at what makes your heart happy, and I'm having that moment. That's because as years past, as marriage grows older and kids grow bigger, and dreams grow fonder I can say I'm in love with what I have. Leaving out anything that's not a sentiment. I simply love the moment when I can say I breath and feel the love I'm not only receiving back from but also giving to my dear husband of 18 years, my beautiful kids and my fulfilling creative business which is my dream come truth.

Anonymous said...

I have a simple love story. My husband and I have been in love since our first kiss 10 years ago. We have been through wonderful experiences together - having babies, traveling, cross-country camping and some trying ones as well - a year and a half of little sleep (see having babies), and a car wreck with a drunk driver.

Our car wreck was 6 months after we were married and I thought I was going to lose my husband just when I was beginning to realize he would be in my life forever. It was heartbreaking for me. A wise friend told me to "Hold on to the love you have for him." Don't get bitter about what happened to us, just hold on to our love and get through it.

That has been my mantra since then and it has reminded me to be grateful and appreciative of my favorite people.

Thanks for this amazing giveaway - I'm a big fan of all their work!

hueisei said...

I met my husband at social network called Friendster. We lived at separate place but we started by chatting at MSN and exchange emails. After a year, we finally meet up by person and we fall in love then. Due to distance relationship, he will travel to my place once a month. And, at the end I'm willing to relocate to his place and we planning for married. And, we are happily married couple and we still holding hands and go for dating like newly lover, hehe. :)
PS: We added a new family member too, a baby boy. He is 5 months old :)
Thx for the wonderful gift!

hueisei said...

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Jackie Sommers said...

Jesus called out to my heart across all the junk I manufactured in my head, and he never quit calling. And better than that, even. It’s like he fought through the junk—I picture someone in a jungle with a machete, ripping away the undergrowth, clearing a path, you know? It’s like how a girl always wants a boy to fight his way to win her heart. God did that—does that—for me.

Donna said...

I met my partner almost two years ago. He was my best friend's friend. We absolutely hated eachother at first. We're talking hate. But we got to know each other better and I made my move :) I told him I liked him but he told me that he didn't have time for a girlfriend. Well... I fought for him.. I spent two months trying every day to convince him that this was it. It worked and it we were great together. He quickly saw how great we were together and we've been going strong ever since.

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jqluo said...

My love story abit boring and short. He is my classmate, course mate, first love, ex colleague and now my husband :) I love him everyday and will until the rest of my life. Thanks for this valentine giveaway!

The Petit Cadeau said...

8 months and 2 weeks ago, my little girl was born. Before her birth, I was a little worried - I'm an only child, I tend to like my space & doing my own thing. Sometimes I can be a little detached. How was I going to feel about this little person? From the moment she was born, I have loved her more than I could have imagined. It's a completely different kind of love than you feel with a partner (at least I think so). It's so pure, and simple and all-encompassing.

Wishing you all love - in any way that makes you happy.

Kristi Morrow said...

Gasp! This give away is too, too much. Here is a link to my favorite love story (though its not my own).

I promise to tell my sisters (who I will be sharing with if I win). If you get a hit from Peru, that's one of them.

Mystica said...

I loved the moments when I first saw my children! three of them and all different and all equally precious!

Mary said...

Being very single with no kids, I share my love with my mom and sisters. I haven't seen them (beyond Skype) for 5 months now. To brighten up my Christmas away from all those I love so much, one of my awesome sisters sent me an Allisa Jacobs pouch with fancy soap and chapstick. I received it a week after telling a friend how much I love pouches, can't find chapstick and would kill for a pampered bath. Somehow sisters just know what you need.

(I blog at

Tamara said...

My love story is best personified by the last year of my mom's life. I had been laid off and my mom needed help with her daily needs. Then my father had open heart surgery. I moved in to help them that summer and witnessed a 50 year love story in action. Dad was so tender with Mom and I was so blessed to be privy to some of those moments. On the day Mom had the accident that caused her death, earlier in the day I came into the living room and they were sitting on the couch holding hands. Mom had a sweet smile on her face and her cheeks were lightly blushed. Dad was grinning from ear to ear like a teenager on his first date. After almost 50 years their love was still vibrant and beautiful. Mom left us 9 days later but that last year was one of the hardest and most beautiful of my life.

I can be reached at tammalina at aol dot com.

Anonymous said...

My love story is about my mother. My father passed away overa yar ago and I have convinced her to finally move in with me this spring. My heart is full to know that we can reconnect and that she will be a daily part of my life!

Anonymous said...

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Pacas said...

I met my husband when I was 6!! His mother (my mother in law) was my primary school teacher!! We lived close by but as he's 5 years older than me, it was a kind of a big difference when we are young. After graduating he went to the States for his PhD and we just got married once he got back home. We are married almost 7 years and we the most lovely daughters we could have! Almost 6 and 3 years old :)

L said...

My true love is my husband and my kids. After two heartbreaking miscarriages, I finally had my beautiful son. Five days after he was born, my dad died. Two years later, after another difficult pregnancy, my daughter was born. Through it all, my husband has been my rock. It's a cliche, but my family is my everything!

Danielle said...

My love story is not unique, but it's special to me. I met my boyfriend at college and we've been dating for about a year and a half. I had been single up until that point and had given up on finding anyone who wanted a long-term relationship while in college. But then it happened when I least expected it, like everyone says it will. We both were RAs in the same building, on the same floor. We had to work together and eventually realized that we wanted to be with each other! It's been so wonderful ever since.


Danielle said...

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Kaylie said...

I think my love story happens every time I get sick. That's when I feel the love from my parent the most strongest. My father rarely touches or interacts with me in daily lives due to his busy work, but every time I get sick and rest on the bed. He'd be the first one touches my forehead and check up on me. At that time, we don't have any direct contacts but I feel the love is so passionate :D Grateful for everything my parents do for me.
thanks for the great giveaway anyway

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bcbeaveratheart said...

I was divorced once, and so was he...we both just got out of once again another crappy relationship and were not looking for ANYONE. I was purging my basement of all reminders of the latest disaster and posting the items on a web site to sell. "He" was one of 21 replies to buy this said item. For some reason or another I choose "His"...he showed up a week later after a few emails, that for some reason were rather flirtatious in manor. So he showed up, he checked me out, I checked him out..didn't say much...however...he purposely left behind one piece of the said item so he would have to come back again! Two years after that day, we eloped in a helicopter on a Monday morning and were married. Two years after that we bought our first home in the middle of the woods and are more madly in love then ever before!
Thanks for letting me share my fun story again. I can always send you the crazy helicopter wedding pics...we rented German costumes to wear for our was so much fun!

peach said...

my love story came out of left field just over 2 years ago. i had been separated for a year from a marriage that had ended in heartache for me. i was at a mini-reunion two days before christmas with a bunch of my college friends at a little pub we used to frequent and my sweetheart's band was playing. we ended up following each other around all night and going out to coffee the next morning on christmas eve. that was kind of it for the both of us... he was the best christmas present i've ever received and we've been totally head-over-heels in love ever since.

peach said...

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CaribbeanCutie said...

I actually have my heart full of love to my little sis. She's actually 18 years younger than me so she's some what like my little daughter especially since I have none of my own but not a day can pass where i dont love her presence around.

k_rampersad03 at hotmail dot com

CaribbeanCutie said...

I also tweeted about the giveaway!

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AdelpheBre said...

My heart was SO full of love the day my little sister got married. We are six years apart and have always been different but deeply connected. I don't live close to her, but to come home and see her stand up next to the man she loves and make promises to and with him, I was so proud of her fierce love. I was able to help preside over her wedding (I'm a pastor) and I consider it one of my greatest privileges that I was able to witness their love unfold before friends and family.

breonna dot roberts at gmail dot com

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Breaking Free From Old Ways said...

I love my husband! We met in college and have been married for a little over a year. I don't know what I would do without him. I am so looking forward to our future and the adventures we will have together!


Carissa said...

After years of trying, last October my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl in this world. She is perfection and I have never felt the rush of emotion upon meeting someone for the first time. I am so crazy in love with this person and she has taught me so much about love in such a short time. Xoxo happy valentines day!!

LaurenBear said...

About a year ago I went to a routine eye exam to get a new prescription for my glasses. It soon became anything but routine when the optometrist told me he saw an abnormality on my retina that was very concerning. Concerning enough he persuaded a busy retina specialist to give me an appointment the next morning.

I was only 20, but I was facing a possible diagnosis of a tumor in my eye... a cancer that would likely take my eye. I called my boyfriend of a year... and he told me the most important thing... not that it would all be ok, or that he was sorry... he told me he'd be there for me. Even though he was at his second day at a brand new job, he told his supervisor that he would be taking the next day off to support me. His family stepped up and let me know that they behind me too, and his mom's love is so valuable to me because my parents are not in my life.

The night before the appointment, my boyfriend actually got me to laugh... he promised he'd love me forever even if I had a googly-glass-eye.

We collectively sighed a breath of relief when the tests came back and discovered it was not cancer... but I will never forget the love I felt. Now he's my fiancee, and we've faced more tribulations and will probably face a hundred more in our lifetimes... but nothing is more fortifying than knowing those battles will not be fought alone.

Around Christmas, my fiancee's grandmother died. We sat behind his mom and dad, who have been married for over 36 years, at the funeral. I overheard his mom whisper "you are my rock..." to his dad. They have survived well over a quarter century together, tragically and suddenly lost a 25-year-old son, successfully raised a happy healthy set of twins, and weathered all the tides life brings. That is a love to admire, and loyalty to aspire to.

Lauren Bear

Kirsten said...

My heart is full of love...right now! I will be married to my best friend in exactly 30 days, I cannot wait. Being with him is more than I thought I could experience in this life. I'm excited about our lives together, he is in the military so I know there will be hard times and valleys but I'm I wouldn't want to be with anyone else or anywhere else. We'll be moving to the Southwest from Chicago this July and I can hardly wait!

I shared on twitter!!/Kirsten_Dixon/status/160014951736553475

Denise said...

I've thought all week about what I would reply to this post about love. And after a lot of thought I've come down to this simple realization, I love my life. All of it. I love my two children who I tuck in every night and wake up to in the morning. I love the baby that I miscarried over four years ago now, who taught me what it meant to experience a miracle. I love my husband who has been there for it all. I love the fact that I don't even have time to talk about how much I love these people because diaper changes and foot soaks (think 4 months old with an infected toenail) await. But I love it all. Every last moment of it. I am feeling so blessed; thank you for allowing me to remind myself just how lucky I truly am.

Simply Spelled said...

"I fell in love with my best friend's older brother"
It was the day before Deidre's wedding. This bridesmaid was in full working mode getting the reception area set up. The day was becoming pretty successful-tables were set, decor was placed, all placecards were assigned. It was all coming together. But, something even bigger was about to happen. Yes,yes the wedding BUT more importantly for me, my heart was about to be stolen.
I had known Barret aka "the older brother" for years, but had never really given him much thought. He was 3 years older, was into building Jeeps, hanging out with his friends, and I also was dating that high school boyfriend.
So, the day before the wedding we had worked on several project together, ya know table clothes and such. The flirtations were in full force:) Later that evening was the rehearsal, followed by the dinner. I was able to strategize my way into getting a seat next to Barret at the dinner. Um, Jackpot! He looked absolutely stunning (yes, I feel that is the best word description for him). My nerves had left me a little shy so the chit chat wasn't as free flowing as our morning meeting.
And then, the big Wedding Day! Of course the beauty schedule was in full swing: Hair, make-up, dresses. We were beautified and trying to do some last minute touches to the reception area. Again, I did a little maneuvering to help with the "I want to know you more Barret" cause. With the nudge of the bride, I moved my place card over a few places, which coincidently, was next to Barret's place setting. Hmmm, lucky how that worked out.
As the wedding day went on I was able to get in some flirting (when you are all beautified its like a instant self esteem booster). During the Ceremony I had to remember to try to look at the happy couple and not stare right at Barret(a gorgeous groomsman) the whole time. But my stares were matched by his. Smiles were bouncing back and forth between us throughout the entirety of the service.
As the Mass finished and all the pictures were taken we made our way over to the reception hall. Of course, I was beaming to know who my "date" for the evening would be. Dinner was amazing, the speeches were of course uncomfortable (not sure why that is-probably nerves for the poor souls who have to do it!), but nothing compared to the dancing.
Deidre and her husband Jason started off the night with their first dance, then the heart felt father/daughter and mother/son. But, then the lights got lower and out came the bridesmaids! After we finally got the green light that we could in fact remove the ankle breaking stilettos the party was on. We danced, we sipped champagne, and laughed more than ever.
One thing seemed to bug me. The night progressed without a dance with Barret. What a shot to the confidence! It seems when the dancing began, he fell into the comfort of visiting with his friends by the bar area. I knew that the night could not end with out a dance.
Finally, I saw him (it was seriously from a movie) everyone in my peripheral blurred and my eyes were just locked onto him. We came together on the dance floor and danced to the very last song of the night. Of course who doesn't like "Don't Stop Believing" from Journey?? The best dance I had the entire night.
The sit down dinner, the music, the flowers, the dancing set the perfect scene for how we fell in love. And.... two years later we were married in that same church, by the same wonderful priest, and danced the very last dance to that very same song.
And that's how our Love Story began!

Maegan Morin said...

My husband and I were worst enemies in junior high (we were down right mean to each other and hated each other with a passion, im not exaggerating). He then went to home schooling and I stayed in the school. We didnt see each other for 6 years after that. One night i was at the bar with some of my friends. He was there and we all decided to go on a road trip. We had alot of fun and ever since then my husband and I have been together. Its just weird how your soul mate ends up being that last person you would have EVER expected. We have 2 beautiful kids now and have been married for 5 years. Things couldnt be better!

I shared on facebook:!/fahlinstar/status/160127682925965313

megnate at telus dot net

Anonymous said...

My love story begins with some sadness.

To begin I fell in love with someone whom I thought was a great guy, whom I believed I would stay with forever. Had my ups and downs with him. He would put me down, tell me how he hated my family and friends, we'd fight all the time, and he'd break up with me constantly for no apparent reason. Through it all I just kept telling myself how much I loved him and how much he loved me, and that was what truly mattered. Then it came to a point where I just couldn't take it anymore. The love I once felt just went away from one day to the next. All the hardships from our relationship had made me bitter towards him.

I broke it off, and just began a journey of self discovery. Which still continues today.

I met a boy whom at first I was very cautious with. Set rules that had been broken in my past relationship, and I had sworn would never happen to me again. I made these clear to him, and tho he had done nothing wrong. He would tell me it was OK that he knew he'd never have to face the consequences of breaking them because he never would. As time went on he made me a little less fearful. Everyday he continues to surprise me and treats me like I deserved to be treated all along. My confidence has risen greatly, and I have learned many things. I now see what I had in the past that I believed to be true love was just a bump in the road, and this that I'm experiencing right now is the real deal. I couldn't be any happier having someone who rationalizes things before acting on them, and appreciates me and what I have to offer, and someone who has never taken me for granted. <3


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

My love story began at my senior prom. My best friend had this guy from the class before mine take a picture of us, I then handed my camera to him and asked if he could take a picture of our group for me. Little did I know he would be my husband.
Several years later - unsure of my path in life I came home for a semester off at college. My best friend introduced us again. I had just went out on a date with this other guy so not wanting to be unfair I advised to my future husband he would need to wait for me. He did.
We now have three wonderful children and have outlasted most marriages. We are there for each other everyday - and sometimes he does sweet things like making breakfast when he can't cook :)

Itchinstitchin at gmail dot com

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