Finding Your Own Way

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another dose of businessy goodness for you - I'm sharing my thoughts on how to grow your small business...but doing it your own way over at The Academy today.  When I was starting out I remember thinking that growing was like a checklist to be completed - like there were some steps everyone took and I just had to figure them out...and then find a way to get the done. But that's not the case at all. We've got to do some serious thinking and analyzing to determine the best, most authentic path for our business.  

So, mozy on over to The Academy and weigh in, ask questions, and share your growth story! 

In other business bits, I really appreciate all the feedback on my post with Oh My Handmade on not needing in more followers, likes, customers.  I'm absolutely thrilled it resonated with so many of you :) 

And as if this isn't enough, I've got a super amazing guest post for Wednesday's Let's Talk Business meet up. So I'd love for you to stop by again tomorrow and ask your questions and chat it up. 

Happy day! 

{image credit: jenny sweeney designs}