Irish Love

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Irish. 
Through and through. 
That explains the freckles, tolerance for rainy days, and appreciation for twangy fiddle music. 

Anyhow, In honor of St. Patricks' Day, I did a little family history digging. Between the city ledgers, historical pages and anecdotes passed down from within our family - I'm drawn to the bits about love.  The Irish ranch hand and the Irish beauty.  Staking a claim in Wyoming and Oregon. A New York City Catholic wedding. A brief return to their homeland. The four children who loved them so. 

- as recited by my great uncle as recalled from his Catholic school days, recorded in the Wyoming Irish Pioneer Society

Any other Irish lassies out there?  Slainte! 

{top photo credit Poppy and Pinecone}