Playing With Color

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday lovelies! 
As I mentioned yesterday, we've needed some color to brighten up these gray + rainy Portland days!  Basically, color plus lots of coffee and happy music is how I deal with these dreary periods we come to love/hate here in the pacific northwest. Jack and I call them "hot chocolate days" - pretty much any day without sunshine ( and days with a bit of warmth & light are 'ice-cream treat days'...) 

Anyhow, back to the color. Have you ever checked out ColourLovers? I was obsessed for awhile, and not they just keep adding cooler stuff. You can make your own palettes, color preexisting patterns (like mine above), and you can now design your own patterns (next time I get a free chunk of time, I'm totally going to try and create something. I'm sure it will be chevron-y no matter how much I fight it :)  AND - you can then create wall art & fabric from your designs. Oh dear....

We're neck high in the house buying process. Sheesh, talk about the most anti-climatic, hand wrenching journey...I haven't really shared much about it and won't even been celebrating until we're actually sitting on the floor of our new home, keys in hand, and paint cans all around.  And, truly, the aspect of home owning I've been longing painting the walls. I so want/need color in my life.  Better Homes & Gardens has this nifty little tool where you can try  paint colors on rooms or upload your own photo, to see what it will look like. I'm thinking gray for our bedroom...with big pops of undecided colors. 
Now, what to do with all those leftover paint chips? I'm imagining some fun fridge magnets...but this wall art from A Beautiful Mess is another must-try project. How awesome is this?! I'm thinking I'll forgo any wording, just color!  Judging by my massive pile that keeps growing, I'm sure I'll have more...which is great because there is a whole list of paint chip projects
And, in all my color browsing, I found these lovely Irish waxed linen bundles. Not sure what I'd ever create with them (book binding?) but they sure are lovely (and Irish!) to look at.... 

Where are you finding color inspiration these days? Do share!