Moving In....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting settled in and just couldn't be happier! We're loving our new place...the yard, the basketball hoop, the trees, the sidewalks, the paint (I've been waiting years to paint a wall!!) and the natural light.  Life is good.  Thought I'd share a few glimpses...
 We're all clearly a little loop/happy/giddy/exhausted here....

The studio...which was moved seamlessly! I'm already set up & back in action. 

Pretty folded fabric. Ah, peace.

Bedroom walls...painted gray :) 
The Lego guys have made themselves at home too. And Jack got his long-awaited orange bedroom. Total bliss for him.

 Unpacking boxes...loving the ones Jack helped with. Check out those arrows!

Happy kitty :)

Colors! I tried to branch out, really. I just can't get away from gray + yellow + aqua + orange. Oh well, it's happiness for me. 

Hoping to get started on other projects soon, I'll definitely share some photos. I think we moved at the perfect time - the beginning of spring. This is such a big move, transition, and new beginnings for us. I needed that.  

Would love to hear how your spring is starting off. What new beginnings are you celebrating?

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Sarah B said...

You sound very happy. I'm sure the new move will inspire all sorts of new creativity :)