So Many Projects...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello! Taking a little break from packing & cleaning & moving... (many thanks for all the happy wishes on our new house :)  I just keep thinking of new projects I want to try, thought I'd share a few:  
Headboard from Ana White.  Hoping I can recall all that I learned from high school woodshop. 

Book displays, been wanting these forever! Love these from Monsters Live Upstairs, plans also from Ana White

I love finding old furniture and giving it new life. Our plan for this house is to not buy new things (for lots of reasons) but search and find old things to love.  We just got an old, solid dresser and I'm dreaming a new life for it. This one from Annie Sloan's Quick & Easy Paint Transformations is just the inspiration I need! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Look forward to reporting back with more photos and updates soon :)  xoxo