Out and About

Thursday, March 08, 2012

this week (so far):

Local Quilt Store: amazing black & white quilt. Wow! 

Driving: I have a habit of pulling the car over to snap pics of places, trees, and building I find interesting. I spotted this charming church far off the main road - after doubling back and passing a pioneer cemetery ( I love this stuff!) we found it.

Lunch1:  At the patisserie, love this combination of big wood planks, colored chairs, and a warm yellow wall. Taking notes ....

Lunch2: Strangely I've never been a fan of pastries...but I do love a pretty pastry case! 

Walk: Exploring....that is my little scientist, stopping in his tracks to rescue a bug crossing the bridge. He's like his mama in this way :) 

Target: Our weekly trip...and I'm always excited to see the displays. Big fan of their Color Changes Everything campaign. We sing that song all day here!

What have you been up to this week?