California Love

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A few snapshots from our California vacation last week. Enjoyed the fun & sun at Disneyland & Legoland....nothing better than seeing the little guys soak up all the excitement! I enjoyed the time away and break from our usual routine but so glad to be home again.  

10 things I (re)learned on vacation:
  • Waiting in line isn't so bad. It's a good time to chat....or just eavesdrop ;) 
  • I'm not addicted to coffee after all
  • Plane rides are tough, no matter how sweet the baby
  • Fun & enjoyment are choices, not just things we magically find
  • Cool design is everywhere
  • It's ok to not work every single day
  • I didn't miss television one bit 
  • It's a Small World is *still* my favorite ride
  • My boys can find dirt to dig and rocks to climb no matter where we go. 
  • The best memories are made in those brief moments when we're not even trying.....