Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ok, so I confess. For the last, I don't know, four years (!) there's been an avenue I wanted to pursue.  But haven't.  Why? Well, I think our charming friends Fear, Doubt, and Guilt have all played a fascinating role.  I realize that I've actually told myself, 'oh that's not for you, maybe for others but not you.'  And the really crappy part is I sort of started believing it.  But there was something deep down that always kind of tugged at me...the notion that I've done really crazy, difficult, challenging things in my life (like, um, teaching high school special education in super rough neighborhoods. When I was 21. Yeah.) .... 

So why can't I do this next big thing? 
I'm really good at thinking of all the reasons I can't do something.  And I'm pretty convincing too. Not enough money, no time, who will watch the kids?, I need a degree for that, that's just not how the process works.
See?! You're convinced too! Whatever I was scheming up probably just won't work.  

And you know, it just might not. I might fail. I might be really sucky at it all. 

But, I just *might* be good at it. It might possibly lead to something else. Something else even more amazing. 

In the last few months, I've felt incredible connections, moments of inspiration and instances where I thought, "get out! this gal is speaking right to me!"  When Noisette Academy's Empowerment Project launched last month, I had to scoop up a copy of her kit. Isa is a dear friend and an incredible source of wisdom and vision....I really wanted to cheer on her mission to support women in Rwanda. But it went beyond that. Her Empowerment Kit (seen above) really spoke to me, it encouraged that little voice inside telling me to try this next big thing.  I've already thought on a few of the pages and am anxious/excited/hopeful to make time during vacation and dwell in my dreams. 

And so, I'm going to try that new big thing.  It's scary and crazy and whatever....but I'm going to give it a go.

I'll happily be sharing my process and progress. Whether the result makes a major splash or just me falling on my face, I'm gonna do this.