Finding Inspiration

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Oh, man. This is so true for me & my life. When I look back, my best moments and triumphs are when I recognized a good thing and ran for it.  Like when the surprising acceptance letter arrived in my mailbox or the amazing teaching position. The dismal failures and disappointments it seems, are the times when I thought I had it all figured out. When I thought I could twist and turn. Just doesn't work like that. There's a fine line between forging your own path and ignoring what is sent your way.  Sadly, I have a very odd way of turning down opportunities. Sounds even more foolish when I actually write it out.  Of course, sometimes we have to let things pass us by, not every opportunity is meant for us. But, I am most saddened by the opportunities that shined and called to me....and I just kept walking.  Friendships, jobs, new pursuits, relationships, collaborations...

But, I'm not one to dwell. Right now, I'm focusing on reclaiming and seizing those moments that come my way. Whether they be brief and quiet or screaming loud.