Week End, Week Start

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello! Sharing a few bits of life from the last couple days. Mondays are my big in-the-studio day, so even though it's a holiday weekend, mine ends a little early. Like now.  But I did have a good time working on the arrow quilt I mentioned Friday and getting out & about with the boys. Here's a look: 

Progress towards the arrow quilt with Lotta Jansdotter fabrics...feels so good
to be quilting again!
And, true to what I do when given a tutorial, I change it. Turned it into a chevron placement instead. So excited for this one!

Looking down....
(man, I've got some long toes!)
Last night we had a little get together with my lovely friend whose boys are pals with Jack.  She so kindly made me a vegan feast! Plus, she's got style like nobody's business. Here's her charming table centerpiece. 
Saturday started off cold & gray, plus we've all been in a bit of a funk. So I thought a nice brisk walk with some steamed soy milk + chocolate and vanilla powder as the end reward was just the thing to get us back on track :) 
With all this rain (help me!) we've been crafting it up like crazy. I cut dozens of triangles from our decorating paint chips and Jack arranged them on canvas in what I feel is a most brilliant pattern design! ;) 
Of course, it's not all fun & games around here - Jack with his freshly folded stack of towels, so proud of his chore accomplishment!

Where's the Baby? Oh, he's too busy walking (!) everywhere for me to catch up and snap a photo. Yikes. I so cannot believe he's almost one. Party planning commence....

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. xoxo