Making It Good & Easy

Thursday, July 05, 2012

{super vulnerability alert!!}

This year, and more specifically, over the last couple months my business has seen a bounty of success. I truly feel so blessed.  It's been like seeing years of hard work and trial & error all come together, bang! into something amazing.  And I've so needed this. 

I've been reflecting a lot on what factors have contributed to all of this goodness, and one thing sticks out like a totally obvious, wish I would've done this sooner, neon sign;  I finally made it easy.  

Although I've happily created wedding orders over the last couple years, I never really set up shop to cater to brides. Why? I've searched long & hard for this answer and if I'm totally honest, I'm embarrassed to say I don't really know other than I didn't want to feel pegged in creatively. Looking back, it was such an obvious move, but I just didn't do it (*smacking forehead*). In short, it used to be a wee bit difficult to order from many possibilities, so many choices, so many emails back & forth.

And then, in some sort of moment of clarity in January, I decided to make things easy. I set up print availability charts along with fabric color selection. I listed out price breakdowns. I showed numerous examples of combinations. I made my listing super clear and specific for each set (eg. 8 Custom Embroidery Bags,  5 Custom Cosmetic Bags with Flower Brooches).  I set up an actual wedding collection section.

I took the homework out of it all and actually made it fun + easy for brides...and others to order from me.  
And then, it all just skyrocketed. 

I've finally stopped kicking myself and decided to just enjoy the fruits of *finally* seeing the light. I'm now on the lookout for even more ways to make things good + easy in my shop. 

Has anyone else experienced this in business or in life? Like something so obvious becomes clear and everything just opens up for you? Do share! Let's smack our foreheads and then jump for joy together!