The Power of Saying No

Thursday, September 20, 2012

steve jobs quote

Hello! Today I'm over at Noisette Academy sharing my businessy thoughts on saying no. I'm guessing you might be with me on this.  It's hard to say no. As creatives we tend to pursue lots of projects, agree to custom orders, or  take on all customers who come our way.  We might even feel guilty if we don't.  But you know,  there is a lot of strength and savvy in knowing when to say no. Maybe it's passing on an order or deciding you're not the best match for a particular client.  Saying no to all the right things can open up the opportunities that we want (need!) to say yes to!  It's what's best for our sanity, our brands, and our creativity. 

I'd really love to hear your thoughts & struggles with this topic - pop over to Noisette Academy (it's an amazingly light & beautiful & wisdom-filled space) and say hello - share what you think about saying no.