This & That

Friday, September 21, 2012

Whew. It's somehow been a really long fast week. How is that possible? We're still adjusting to back to preschool mode and little Luke is frumpy grumpy. Maybe it's a phase? I don't know but for being one year-old he's sure hard to please ;) There's been ridiculous amounts of coffee & chocolate consumed this week!

A few snapshots of the week:

Early morning walk to the pond by our home, definitely a highlight and moment of relaxation. We were hoping to see the crane we spotted last week, but will have to keep checking! 

Trip to Crate & Barrel. Belatedly celebrating my birthday with one of my best friends. Oh look, there's me! 

Round of checkbook covers headed out to some of the winners from The Small Things Blog giveaway awhile back. I love seeing things stacked in piles, don't you? 

 Craft project in the works.  Jack & I are envisioning a troop of owls, bats, and otherwise charming monsters for Halloween decorations. (and yep, those would be cardboard rolls!) 

A little peek at an amazing handmade table I commissioned a local student to make. He creates fantastic wood pieces and uses the profit towards college tuition.  With that kind of story, I'm about ready to sign him up to furnish the entire house! 

Hope everyone had a lovely week!