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Ah-mazing Art - Finding Inspiration

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Diamond wall art created from various pieces of wood by Ron Van Der Ende. Jaw-dropping awesome. 

Creating a few inspiration boards and had to share a few amazing pieces of art...all created with unusual mediums. Incredible! 

Dip dyed paper flowers from Anthropologie for their San Francisco storefront. Oh, the color.

Sculpture of paper horse masks by Anna Wili Highfield. Stunning. You *must* take some time to visit her site and see other works.  Completely awe-inspiring. 

Leaf cutting from Lorenzo Duran. I've adored his work for so long, so intricate and precise. Again, it's really worth a trip to his site to take in all the beauty. 

And, now one that is just so adorable and one we could perhaps make on our own! Adorable leaf art from KoKoKids. So sweet. 

Pure amazing right? More things I love on my "Adore" pinterest board.