Sewing Social - Come Sew With Me!

Monday, October 29, 2012

{UPDATE Oct. 29th  8:45 am, All eight fabric bundles have been claimed! If you'd like to play along you're welcome to purchase my designs in my Spoonflower shop & still submit photos!} 

I miss Boston in the fall. Not just for the gorgeous leaves or the crisp afternoons, but because every other Sunday, a few fellow teachers and I met up to sew and create. Add a few mochas and vegan pumpkin cupcakes and it was the best way to end a week...and enjoy our friendships.

So now I'm in Oregon and I've still got the coffee thing going, but my friends all share our creations long distance. For November, I'd love to create a virtual meeting place here to sew and share! 

Here's the twist. 

I provide the fabric to eight lovely readers, a few prints from my Chevron and Carlsbad collections. 

You whip up something lovely. I'm thinking something gifty with the holidays coming up. (Want to make a tutorial? Even better!)  

Share with us your final creation and I'll post them all together here, linking back to you. 

If you're interested just let me know by leaving a comment or sending a message with your email address. I've only got 8 fabric packs to ship out though!  Want to play along but didn't make the 8? You're welcome to purchase fabric from my Spoonflower shop and still share your creations! 

High quality photos of finished projects need to be submitted to me by November 20th.  I'll post them here on the blog, with links to you, and also share all this goodness with my twitter, Facebook, & pinterest pals.

You keep the finished project, we admire from afar :) 

If you've got questions, please send them my way. I look forward to meeting up and sewing with you! 

allisa.jacobs {at} gmail {dot} com