Color Me Happy - Vintage Color Charts

Saturday, October 27, 2012

You know I love me some color. Thrilled when I found these vintage color charts on through vintage printables (oh my goodness, I could spend hours on that site). I'm think these would be awesome printed out and framed for the studio, or even the kid's playroom. Heck, they'd be lovely anywhere.  Of course, I pinned a gazillion of these but here are a few of my favorites.

I'll be printing and framing and costume-making this weekend. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Oh, and I loved reading about everything you've been up to, if you haven't shared, send me links of what you've been making/creating/planning so I can see into your world! 

And, if you need more pins (who doesn't?!) check out my pinterest boards

{all image credit via vintage printables, believed to be within the public domain for free use,  except the first watercolor print, I am unable to locate a source.