Finding Inspiration - Some of my Favorite Pins This Week

Sunday, November 04, 2012

olive manna
Oh man, I've been sidelined over here with a yukky cold. Just past the excitement of Halloween and my new iPhone cases coming in and then it all caught up with me! Nothing frustrates me more than a cold. I guess because I'm always moving. Fast & busy. But, you know, in a weird way it was kind of nice.  Me & the boys stayed home, rediscovered some games in our cabinet, made even more crafts than usual, and listened to a lot of music. Minus the headache and cough, it was wonderful. I really appreciated the chance to slow down a bit....a really good reminder for me. Since I wasn't really much use at being productive in the studio, I did have a few quiet times to sip my tea & do some pinning :)  Today, I'm getting back in the saddle a bit and sharing some of my favorites here! 

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to have the phone cases up and ready, I'm just beyond excited to share these. {UPDATE: They're Here!!}

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! xo
crafty blossom
nina jarema vía print & pattern

minoux jewelry

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