Good Fortune

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It's been so nice here, hanging out with family & friends - I really just love seeing the kids get excited for the little things. 

Last week, I guest posted over at Oh My Handmade Goodness, sharing my thoughts for having a Plan B during the holidays (come on over & say hello!) - it's funny, because I created this quote image awhile back, but it's something I really need to reflect on now.  Sometimes it's easy to feel like luck is something that's just out there floating around and it magically lands on some people...but more often I think it's more about being open and available when a good opportunity comes along. In business and in life, I think it's crucial to make plans, to get things all set, and when they are - when that opportunity comes around, big or small, we're ready to grab hold and run with it.  I can think of so many occasions where something awesome has come my way, but due to my poor planning or unreadiness, I just wasn't there to seize upon it.  So, this month, I'm mentally focusing on getting my little ducks in their rows and excited to see what else comes my way! 

What are you planning? What things do you feel need to be lined up? 

Have a great rest of the weekend! 

{ps. thank you to everyone for sharing my free shipping weekend!}