Quick Holiday Tips for Your Shop

Friday, November 09, 2012

Newsflash: it's nearly mid-November and the holidays are soon approaching! If you're anything like me who thought yesterday was Wednesday and was still operating as if it's October...then we could use some quick ways to spruce up our shop to prepare for the holidays.  

(And if you're not running a shop, you can sit back, relax and enjoy these lovelies!)

It's been awhile since I shared any business bits, but I guess no better time than now, right? I'll also be posting links to some of my favorite past articles below if you're up for further reading :)

So, back to our shops. Any time spent editing, improving, updating and such is always a wise investment. Right now, it can seem like our to-do list is miles long, so I'm sharing a few quick ways you can improve your shop for this holiday season:

Offer Gift Wrap Options: maybe it's complimentary or a service you charge for, but we can make it easier (and more appealing!) for our customers to make it pretty!
sweet findings

 Create Sets: Bundling your items together makes it even easier for our customers to shop & choose
sarah jane studios
Show Your Packaging: Since we need to create the overall buying experience through photos, it's so helpful to include pics of how you package your lovelies. I mean no one wants to receive their gift in shoddy wrapping, so let's show them how nicely we prepare it for shipping!
jaros designs

Give Choices and Personalize: By giving customers a choice in colors, prints, styles and even personalization we are giving that extra little special touch that makes it something to treasure
(and Etsy now offers ways to add variations to your listings, even easier!)
allisa jacobs cosmetic bags
moi, allisa jacobs

What do you think? These are totally easy & doable right? Any other tips you can think of? 

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