Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's feeling thankful if you don't share it, right?  It sort of dawned on me that the word 'give' is inside of thanksgiving and that being thankful isn't something you just keep inside, it's something to give away. Tell, say, share, hug. 

I found these gorgeous cards from Oana Befort, and thought they'd make a wonderful part of our day with the little ones filling them out. But I also thought it would be nice to just fill it with 'you' and give them to friends & family. As in, I'm thankful for you... 

A few more things I'm thankful for: 

  • a business that keeps me home with the boys
  • my lovely customers & readers of this blog
  • the support i have to take leaps...and take some spills too
  • wide open spaces
  • our new home
  • friends sweeter & truer than I could ever imagine

and this: 

Hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, and thankful day!