Happy December!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Hello! I really am totally blown away that it is, actually, December but to celebrate, I've found a couple lovely calendars to share. Look up there at that beauty. It's by Oona Befort. Quite possibly my new favorite artist... I adore her work. 

And since we're just brimming with holiday cheer over here, I'm printing out these charming little buildings for our resident engineer, Jack. I swear, this child will build anything out of anything, it's amazing really. Always spotting ways to make things stronger, checking out how buildings are put together, and would spend his whole day creating with Legos if I let him. (In fact, he's creating a Lego holiday scene as I type!)

In any case, this cute little Advent Street Set from Mr. Printables, will make a fun set up for the boys and their friends. Hoping it lasts more than one day....

And since there's still time to whip up a calendar (I didn't finish ours last year until Dec. 3rd.  I'm pretty sure that's ok) I wanted to re-share last year's round up of easy + lovely advent calendars.  

Have one of your own you want to share? Leave me a link in the comments to check it out! 

Happy weekend! xo