Fabric Scrap Journal - DIY

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I created bunches of these journals a few years ago and they were such a hit, I thought I'd share my process! They are super easy & pretty. And a great way to use up fabric scraps - which, is what prompted me to make this in the first place. I've been doing so much sewing & I just can't bear to throw away even the littlest of bits...especially from my own fabric designs - which I used here! 

What you need:
  • Paper journal, I use Moleskine. You need to be able to stitch through it. 
  • Scraps (paper works too, but somehow I only have mounds of fabric...) 
  • Thick sewing machine needle.  Gotta punch through that paper.
  • Optional: spray adhesive, fray check

For this design, I wanted simple geometric, plus my scraps were extra small. I cut them down to one inch squares and laid out in a design. 
Sometimes I spray a super-duper light coat of spray adhesive on the back to help the design stay in place. But, honestly, I don't like how that stuff smells. So, for this one, I just winged it and placed them as I stitched my rows. Then, I stitched my pattern, being sure that each piece is secured. I thought about stitching a grid, but liked the vertical lines.  This isn't rocket science, just go with what you like. There's lots of threads as you stop & start each area, just trim them carefully. 

Here's a lovely leaf design I made earlier this year for a friend. I think these make super cute gifts - include a special pen, desk accessories, or a little note tucked inside. 

Happy journaling!