Merry & Bright

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy wishes from the Jacobs Family! 

A little note to wish everyone a magical & love-filled Christmas. We're so thankful for our two Christmas angels and the time we have together. Sending love and happy wishes to all of you, my dear friends. 

and now, a little handmade goodness:

allisa jacobs handmade embroidery ornaments
every year, I make an ornament for the boys- hoping that by the time the move on out of the house, they'll have a bunch to treasure. These are the ones I created this year....
allisa jacobs handmade ornaments
last year's ornaments, cross stitch
allisa jacobs chevron stocking
allisa jacobs chevron stocking
chevron stocking I made last year, before all the chevron rage, but love the brightness they add!
allisa jacobs  lego christmas ornament
the boys (meaning my husband as well...) made these Christmas Lego creations. It's Lego mania in our house! 

See you after the holiday! 
xo, allisa