Bake & Make Cookie Gifts

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hello! I'm over here preparing for a continuation of what seems like a cookie baking marathon in the Jacobs house!  Partly because they're so sweet to give as gifts, but mostly because my Little Man Jack is quite the baker and always up for some mixing, sugaring, and batter tasting.  Today, we're whipping up my very favorite Ginger Sparkle cookies.  Two batches, because these little beauties not only come out perfect every single time (which is quite an accomplishment in this house....) but every person who has ever tried them loves them. I'm serious, these are actually demanded, er... requested from multiple people. My mom mentioned that for Christmas my step father would like nothing better than a big 'ol box of these! 

Last year, Stephanie Fizer Coleman and I teamed up and to share this super adorable woodland holiday recipe card and tags. You can head over to Oh My Handmade to download & print. 

I'm also whipping up some gluten-free & vegan cookies I found from Texanerin so I'll have something sweet to enjoy. But since I've got a few friends in the same gluten-free boat, I've added some of my favorite recipes to these editable printable recipes cards (this means you can type in your recipe & then print, and it looks fantastic!) from Love vs. Design

If you're looking for other quick + lovely gifts, check out my round up of gifts to make from earlier this week. 

Have a lovely weekend!