Ask & Answer

Friday, January 04, 2013

During some of my reflecting on 2012, I looked back on the questions readers and customers asked me and noticed that there were five that came up again & again. While I love connecting with everyone, I thought maybe it was time to share them! 

Question #1: How do you take such great photos? 
Aw, shucks! Thank you. First, let me say that this is one of my favorite questions. Because I worked SO hard for nice photos that I'm happy they're at least getting noticed. Unless you started out as a professional photographer, this has probably been a journey for you too. But, as I say a million times over, I think it's the very best way to market your shop. I use a Canon Rebel and am always happy to share my personal photography tips

Question # 2: Where do you print your garment labels?  
Happy to share this source secret! While much of my work involves lots of time & energy into sourcing the right materials...some of which I guard pretty closely ;) But, with my garment labels, I went with a few companies before working with Custom Couture Labels and have never thought of switching again. They are such a peach to work with and the labels are the best out there! 

Question #3: What time do you wake up?
4:03 am.  

Hold on, I'm not crazy! I also go to bed early too. Folks began asking this when they noticed twitter posts showing up super early, even for the west coast. Or as a follow up to, how do you get it all done?  It's not punishment. It makes me happy. I'm a morning bird by nature and do best when I have accomplishments early in the day, it leads to more achievement for me as the day progresses. 

Question #4: How did you start your business? 
Oooh, I love talking about this! I started small. Very, very small. My Etsy shop was an avenue to capitalize on my sewing skills to make extra money to stay home with our first son. There wasn't a grand vision or a plan...that came along the way. If you're familiar with my blog, you've probably read me blab on about it all. I do share my story in the ebook, Rise & Shine, I created for others to find success on their creative journey. There's also a bit more in my about page

Question #5: How did you start designing fabric & where is it available? 
I'm self-taught. Well, that's not quite right. I read a few amazing books. Took in invaluable advice from some design pals. Enjoyed a couple online courses. And am working on getting better. I currently use Spoonflower to professionally print my textiles.  We'll see where it goes but it's such an awesome feeling to make something with my very own design. 

Whew, ok...enough about me!! How about you? What question do you find yourself answering again & again? 

Oh, and check out this gorgeous landscape from a little nature hike earlier this week, who wants to visit Oregon?!