Best Curtain Tutorials

Monday, March 04, 2013

curtain tutorials

Ok, so we've lived in our new home for almost a year. And some of the projects I thought I'd get done that first month are still on my to-do list. But we're making progress over here, trying to turn an 80's fab home into something modern with charm. This weekend, we took down all of the awesomely orangey wood blinds with plans for more more sleek and colorful curtains and shades. Since I'd love to add color and splash with the fabrics, I'm thinking of making a few of them (add it to the list!!) - after hours on pinterest, I think I found some of the very best tutorials for all types of shades, with no sew, advanced, and painted ones too! 

{from left to right}

Stamped Chevron Curtains from Crazy Wonderful
Simple Tab Top Curtains from Simple Simon & Co. 
Basic Shade from Young House Love
Grommet Curtain from Vanilla Joy
Fixed Roman Shade by Keeping Up With The Manns

Any home projects you're working on? Look forward to sharing any progress (hoping I'll have some to report anyway....)

A peek at the orange wood goodness- the trim & chandelier are on the list too....