Easter Projects and Tutorials

Monday, March 25, 2013

easter egg card tutorial
stitched egg card tutorial

Hello & happy Monday! Today, I'm dusting off the archives and sharing some Easter projects from year's past. With this week being spring break, we're planning on some crafty time this week for sure, I've got a few ideas lined up on my Pinterest craft board for kids, but I know these cupcakes are on the list for sure ------->

easter cupcakes
easter cupcakes (jelly bean) eggs in the (coconut) grass!

easter basket bucket
Easter Basket (<- a="" all="" basket="" can="" font="" long="" nbsp="" that="" tutorial="" use="" year="" you="">

What's on your crafty list this week? Thanks for all the tips & support from my post last week about my little guy refusing to nap & escaping from his crib, I'm still adjusting & trying not to freak out, but we'll see!