DIY Plastic Card Holder - Guest Tutorial from Show Me Pretty

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

{{ editor's note: Hello! I'm beyond excited to share this guest post tutorial with you guys today. Not only is this DIY plastic card holder super adorable, it's from the ever-sweet Rita at Show Me Pretty. I love her blog and have enjoyed getting to know her, she has so many fantastic ideas! Thank you Rita! xo  }}

Do you know those moments when you just don't feel like carrying around a big heavy tote filled with things you don't need (but carry around anyway, just in case)? I have to admit that I have always been a fan of huge bags and wallets. But lately I started to realize that there's this feeling of freedom attached to carrying just a few things with me: the few ones that I truly need and nothing else. So, besides getting rid of some things, I also designed this very simple and easy to make card holder and gave my old heavy wallet a rest.

DIY card case tutorial

I like to use unusual materials and I always do my best to make sure I'm being as environmental friendly as possible (which means I don't like the idea of wasting and I always try to recycle old objects/materials and incorporate them in my DIY projects) which, in this particular case, means that I have an eco-friendly one of a kind card holder made out of an old plastic/acrylic box that came with a candle I once bought.
The good news is that you can also make your own card wallet, following this step by step tutorial. Give it a try and embrace the freedom of carrying around nothing but the basics. Less is more, isn't that what they say?

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