Pin Lovin' and Winner

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Hello! Happy Thursday & thanks to everyone for joining in the fun of my Pin & Win event... in addition to the hundreds of pins, I also got a chance to get know of few you a little better - through your  pinterest boards!  A few kinks along the way, like my name being autocorrected to @allisa waldo - so I had to dig through piles of pins to sort through them (yes, exactly like a game of where's waldo).  With each pin counting as an entry, came up with lucky number 58 - Christina S!

This was definitely a hit & I look forward to planning another one soon. Here are a few boards I came across that I'll definitely be following. Take a look!  

Shelleanne - Decor Board   
LauraEisenga -  My DIY List   
Venetia Creation - Fashion, Fashion!     
Amy Monko - Art I Love
Dianne Gendron -  Making
Danielle Spurge - Unrealistic For Ours But Still Cool Wedding Stuff
Rubarb Love Bug - My Style
Gracie The Beagle - Party Ideas
MimiTimms - Neat Idea
LMCornell - Gift Ideas 

Again, thank you again to everyone for joining in!  xo