Seeing the Forest for the Trees - My Detail Dilemma

Thursday, April 18, 2013

image credit :: eloise renouf

Hello! I feel like a bit of a stranger here... it's been awhile since my last post. Somehow, I seem to blink and a whole week goes by. Does anyone else feel like that? It's been a week of transition (the toddler), managing orders (wedding season!),  cheerleading myself (detox diet), and a goal to focus on the important things (each moment with my boys). 

One of my biggest struggles in business and in personal life, is avoiding the detail overload. I am so guilt of getting wrapped up in my to-do list (oh, how I love crossing things off...) but at the same time totally missing the big picture.  Probably more than just a bad habit - maybe some sort of crutch, a bit of fear, anxiety. Who knows. But, I'm realizing more and more, that I need to let some of those details go and focus on bigger picture things, so that a whole week/month/year doesn't pass me by and I realize I missed the big stuff being too busy crossing of my list! 

The timing was perfect for my monthly contribution to Oh My Handmade, where the community is discussing 'roots & shoots' - tending to our gardens of life and business. You can visit me there today where I share some of my strategies for tackling the details to see the big picture. I'd love for you to stop by & say hello. 

I'd also love to hear if you can relate to this detail dilemma and what you do to get yourself out of that mess and focused towards the horizon.