Hello, June! Checking in with a Desktop Calendar

Monday, June 03, 2013

image via ruche

Hello friends! 

A quick little check in. It's been awhile. How about this happy & sweet calendar I found over at Ruche? It's a cool burst of summer, and boy am I ready for that! 

It's been a bit of a tough go over here...which I guess might be obvious by all the missing posts??!  Well, last week my grandfather passed away...he's been ill for awhile but it sort of happened fast. He was a very sweet man with a zest for life (um, he played the senior olympics horseshoes AND was part of a country dance group well into his 70's!!)  lots of inspiration there to enjoy life. 

And, along those lines, Jack's entering kindergarten next school year. Which leaves me both proud & weepy...so I guess every little minute feels like a lifetime, soaking it all in & embracing this period of transition. 

So, with all this - I guess I'm hoping for the best summer ever. Taking a bit from my grandpa to really jump into life feet first and hold on to Jack while I've got the time home with him. 

Ahh. life. 

Thank you lovely readers for stopping by! xoxo