Favorite Pins and Such From the Week

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

pretty table setting from indska

 Hello friends! Oh my goodness, I'm making my way back from the blurry abyss of a nasty spring cold...first the boys & then me. It's been a week of late nights, early mornings, hot tea, days home from school, missed work, apple cider vinegar, and lots of movies with us pitiful on the couch. But, I'm happy to say that sun is in the forecast & we're all bouncing back. The boys, of course, rebounded much quicker, I'm always the last :)  But they were sweet and tried to 'take care of mom' - which is entertaining & endearing...but usually not very restful. 

In any event, I've missed a whole week of this blog & look forward to catching up! Thank you everyone who shared some of their recent happenings in last week's link up (didn't post? oh, there's still time! leave a comment with your newest product/project/post for us all to see.) In addition to some of my favorites pins from this week (I mean, being under the weather is one of the best times to pin right?), I'm sharing a few of your new projects below...

pretty downloads from smitten paper
party backdrop DIY from confetti pop

gorgeous handmade bouquet from our friend Corrine & her new shop, Love & Kismet
vintage inspired handmade journal from the lovely Erin at Dusty Daylight

Check out more of my pinterest boards & send your links, I love to see what everyone else is up to!