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A Long Time Gone

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hello, hello! Man, it's been awhile. I'll be the first to admit, I'm caught up in the lazy, lovely days of summer. Well, there not so much lazy, with two little boys to chase, but I'm trying to plan a little less, work smarter, and play more. I suppose that's everyone's story, right? There was a time this spring where I was swimming in wedding orders - not so much creating new things, or making what I love… I felt a little like a factory. A factory of pretty clutches. Which I suppose isn't entirely awful.  But I miss creating new things,  feeling the ideas come and then watching as they come together. 

I'm hoping to get back there. And because I need to have a gazillion several things going at once, I've also been take a few online graduate courses. That's another post for another day, but boy does it feel good to use that part of my brain again. I think it's contributed to this renewed sense of adventure, to get on out there and do more…