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Finding Inspiration - A Few of My Favorites

Monday, November 10, 2014

rachel marvin creative

Last week I read somewhere that you can rewire your brain for happiness by thinking upon three things that you're grateful for every day. I'm not sure if this is true (or even where I read it for that matter!) but lately I've been focusing on counting my blessings and being more mindful of what I have rather than what I'm hoping for. 

Three things I'm grateful for right now: 
1. cozy saturday mornings spent with my two little boys in our jammies
2. a house to call our home
3. when my oldest hops off the bus, sees me, and runs to give me a huge hug. The best

And I've found these beautiful hand lettered art prints to keep reminding me of all I have! 

wild field paper co. 

More motivation here on my inspirational quote board.

xo, allisa