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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cut. Sew. Repeat.

That is today. So, I thought I'd post just a quick little note & after many, many messages sent to me via Etsy regarding where I purchased my garment labels I thought I'd just give the info here! I ordered my labels last year & after much hemming & hawing (on my part!) they turned out just as I wanted. My husband did the graphics bit of it, I of course, supervised and the folks at Distinctive Designs walked me through the whole process. They responded to every single one of my confused emails & phone calls. You have to order in big batches, so it's a big commitment....I get sort of nervous with decisions like that, I can even be wishy washy about what to order at Starbucks (though I get the same thing every time!) In any case, here's how they turned out & I would definitely recommend this company!

{{Since I am feeling a bit punchy today I will add that I absolutely would not recommend BCI Labels...big waste of time there & rude customer service ...}}

You can see them here:


live a colorful life said...

So funny that you posted this today because I too meant to ask you yesterday where you got your labels, and then forgot because I was so blown away by the cool wristlets and zipper bags. Thanks for the info, Allisa.

P.S. Did you post a long time ago where you got your zippers?

Always Inspire said...

They look fabulous! Great job!
And I too have a hard time picking out my Starbucks drink, eventhough I always get the same thing!

Anonymous said...
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