Halloween Mania- Meet Bonaparte

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So not only did we just move into this new place but we're planning a little Halloween *bash* for Jack & his pals. What does this mean? Well besides the obvious- that I'm crazy- it also means we've gotten a good kick in the rear to get the house ship shape AND are in full Halloween mode....scarecrows, orangy lites, chocolaty recipes, and dozens of fun little crafts like this oh-so-adorable skeleton, who I've since named Bonaparte.

I found him (or her, if you like) on SewingStars & immediately printed out half a dozen to try out. It's super cute & cinchy and Jack thinks that the little moveable body is the funniest thing he's seen since me rolling around on the floor. We've hung him up in our window & plan on making more friends.
My other project? Chaps for Jack's Halloween costume. Oh boy, is this an adventure, keep you posted on how that ends up! (ps. googling the word "chaps" heeds results that might make you blush)

{{Image Credit for first photo: Sewing Stars}}

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Me said...

Bonaparte, Bonaparte! I seem to remember another skeleton by that name who lived at your mom's house during Halloween (and Thanksgiving:) years ago....