Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Saturday! What a lovely week it's been- Jack is back to taking naps, I've seen some old friends (all the way back to 4th grade!), I discovered the TV show Glee, and I've guiltlessly indulged in pizza (twice), soy lattes, and chocolate ice-cream. Also, I'm very excitedly planning for our Halloween party- we're not usual party throwers, so I hope I don't muck things up & end up disappointing a bunch of 1 1/2 year olds.

I'm also in love with my sewing room & it's turned into such a stress-free zone I almost look forward to waking up before dawn to get straight to work!

Saturdays are meant to be carefree & relaxed right? Great. So here's just some random bits from this week:

I've been on a kick using scraps lately. I found bits of fabric can make lovely little designs when stitched on journals. This one I made for my friend's birthday. I loved it so much I might have to make one for myself! Can't beat blue & orange.

Me admiring Jack admiring the rain. I also am proudly capturing his ability (and desire!) to organize those blocks so well.

Recently obsessed with gray. Started these gray zipper pouches with bursts of ruffly color.

Ahh, my spa day. Finally redeemed my mother's day gift and enjoyed a body scrub, facial, & manicure. Though I'll admit, just being alone in this quiet lovely place with thick towels rolled up so neatly was soothing in itself...and that was before all the fun began!

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missbmckay said...

Oh my goodness, sounds like you've got a full plate. You needed that time away. Hope you had an enjoyable time.