The World According To Jack...

Friday, October 23, 2009

... as shown through my Etsy favorites.

Last night, before we drifted off to sleep, my husband said, "I don't want him to get bigger. I want it to stay like this forever."

I know what he means. This is so cool. Having a toddler. He walks & thinks & plays & talks....and I wonder what the heck I did before having a child. One of the best parts, I think, is seeing what amazes him- what little bits of the world he's drawn to.

I chose a few of his common words & interests and showed them through my Etsy faves:

Truck Print by AlderTree

Fathers Day Card from AbleandGame {{loved this so much bought it last father's day!}}

Sock Monkey by I am Sunshine

Tree Pendant by Block Party Press

Felt Breakfast Food- Waffle- by Gulf Coast Cottage

Seymour the Sparrow by MiChiMa

Mother & Child Leaf Embroidery by Ohsoretro

Vintage Cowboy Book Pages by MyVintageBackyard

{{All Image Credits to the Respective Shops}}


Block Party Press said...

What a fun post! Toddlers are so fun and they always notice and love the best stuff the world has to offer! Thanks so much for including my tree pendants!

missbmckay said...

So cute! This age is so fun and still cuddly. Enjoy!

Vanessa said...

OMG that little bird is too cute!!