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Yellow and Gray Lovin'

Monday, August 22, 2011

A few weeks ago I shared my process for creating custom wedding bags... it really is one of my most favorite kind of orders! Here's a little peek at another custom set I made - in yellow + gray no less!  

I love how they turned out and added a few to my shop.

And because I can never get enough of yellow + gray, I've been spotting some other lovelies around with the yellow, gray, and aqua combination!  (guess I'm still hooked on Luke's baby quilt palette...
Dipped Porcelain Bottles by Suite One Studio - a new favorite :)

Equilateral Quilt from Carson Too

Fabric Flowers and Leaves by Jane Joss

what color combo are you hooked on?


Anonymous said...

I love red and aqua.

Linda said...

I love color so much, I can't seem to stick to any certain combination! I even have Fiesta dinnerware in all colors available because of it! I do tend more toward the red-oranges though. I love it with aqua, with green, with yellow, etc.

Live a Colorful Life said...

My favorite color combos can change from minute to minute--depending on what I just looked at! Those dipped bottles are beautiful and so is that equilateral quilt. And your custom work is always top-notch.

Daffy's Dream said...

Yeah I agree with Linda,I love color so much, I just can't seem to stick with one combo! My favorite is green so ill say anything with green contrast...

Hi, I'm Kate said...

LOVE the yellow and grey. You are so talented!