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Shops That Shine - Thank You Book Contributors!

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's been a wonderfully joyful launch for my e-book, Rise & Shine. I love all the feedback but really am happy that it is finally out there, hopefully inspiring others on their creative journey. As you may know, I included bits of wisdom from a select groups of artists, designers, and creative industry experts in addition to my own insights and perspective. These lovelies generously contributed their time and thoughts- adding a valuable aspect to my book. I am so appreciative and want to highlight them here! 

{clockwise from top left}
Gift Tags from Mayi Carles 
Ceramic Houses from Little Red Door 
Stationery from Ashley Pahl 
Earrings from Courtney Rian 
Personalized Stationery from Perideau Designs 
Necklace from a la mode 
Noisette Marketing 
Embroidery from Merriweather Council 

Thrilled to share that my e-book will soon be available through Barnes & Noble and the Apple Store! (psst. it's already formatted for pdf download and e-reading devices). Also, stay tuned for stops and dates for my blog book tour!

1 comment :

alamodestuff said...

Thank you for the thank you! Your book was a joy to read (and contribute to). Your writing voice is wonderful and I look forward to sharing it with my readers!