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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello and happy weekend! 

So the house hunting continues (ps. thank you for all the fabulously insightful advice last week, totally invaluable! I'm going to want to invite you all over for the house warming celebration!)...and as many of you can probably relate, looking at houses sort of makes you really look at yourself.  I mean, this is not just what dreams are made of, this is like, the real thing.  I've been trying to look at each property as a slate and imagine what color, what feeling, I see there. 

Of course I've been obsessively perusing Pinterest, Design Seeds, Better Homes back issues and color palette generators and color quizzes. More than usual anyway ;)  I stumbled upon a color personality quiz I just have to share from Pittsburgh Paints, Voices of Color. It's the most thorough questionnaire I've took about 10 minutes. But I actually enjoyed the whole process (it almost seemed a bit like guided introspection) - it asked questions about what room you'd feel most comfortable in, what sense of smell you respond to, which musical soundtrack you most like, how would your friends describe and so on. 

Well, I ended up being "Honey & Almond" - guess the yellows and oranges are no surprise :) 

The color of the sun, yellow signifies good faith and confidence and therefore, where there is yellow, there is light! 

....Known to stimulate the intellect, yellow also improves concentration and sharpens memory, making it ideal for the study, home office, and children's rooms. With its positive effect on mood, the joyous nature of yellow promotes harmony and a sense of vitality, making it a welcome addition for kitchens, where family and friends gather. In mellow shades or invigorating hues, yellow suits nearly any room.

If you end up taking the quiz, I'd love to hear the results and compare! 

And, speaking of comments, I'm working on updating this blog o' mine so that we can better connect via comments, a true reply and discussion area - yippee! So excited for this, just hoping I can settle down and figure it all out. 

Anyhow, enjoy the color loving! xo


allisa jacobs said...

testing. 1-2-3.

ElleSee said...

That was a fun quiz! I am Water Beads and Pop Art. I knew I would be something with is my favourite colour :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

I'm off to the color quiz. See ya later!