Embracing Change

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I really loved hearing all your thoughts on my "unfinished business" post, about so many incomplete projects and creative scatterings.... glad to hear I'm not the only one who struggles with this! I really appreciated the notion that this sort of starting and stopping and constant making is all part of the creative process. I think this creative chaos is a good thing. But maybe one that just needs a little direction :) 

Seemed timely that I visited The Academy yesterday to discuss embracing change - whether it's a monumental adjustment or shedding a bad habit, it's something to embrace. I found this quote from Alan Wilson Watts and thought that everything seems so much more possible if I consider it as joining the dance - rather than a struggle or obstacle. 

I created this poster as a reminder to post in my studio....if you hop over to The Academy you can grab yours too! (it's a free download ;) 

a few changes I'm embracing: 
  • a new home
  • my baby is turning one
  • pursuing fabric design
  • returning to an exercise routine
  • officially working part time (in the studio)
  • a new job for my husband